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Reach Your Goals with Stelena Coaching

Stelena facilitates reaching your business goals efficiently. Many satisfied clients from pharmaceutical, real estate and financial businesses increased their motivation, efficiency and goal results by at least 20%. Our internationally certified coaches tailor their coaching to individual and/or group needs such as improving executive skills including leadership, advancing careers, solving work problems, and effectively dealing with layoffs.

Our structured professional approach makes the difference for top business executives in Sweden. They set better goals, take more initiatives, make better decisions, and use their strengths for greater advantage. We are proud that our clients at different career levels learn to focus on what’s important for them. They continuously improve their professional communication and interpersonal skills.

Our pioneer company has been successfully coaching business executives since 1987. We never rest on our laurels, but continue to improve. We track our progress with special measurement tools. Clients rate us 6.5 on a 7 point scale. Above all, results show extraordinary outcomes including greater productivity, personal satisfaction with life and work, and the achievement of personal goals.

Some of our services:

Executive Coaching
New Placement
Creating Effective teams
Behavoiural styles Everything DiSC

Do get in touch with us. We welcome helping your company reach new heights.