New placement and outplacement

New placement

When your company needs to downsize or an individual employee does not meet the expectations, then our new placement programme solves the problem. Stelena coaches the employee to find other work more quickly. Some call it outplacement.

Since 2001, Stelena has a proven record of successfully preparing managers and employees to find new work. These programmes are tailored to individuals or groups for cost efficiency and networking purposes.

Expected results for our clients

  • Smoother exit process
  • Positive attitude towards the previous employer – Company branding
  • Cost efficiency
  • Clarity and professionalism toward remaining employees

Individual program

The individual program is customized to individual needs and includes:

  • Coaching towards individual focus, new goals and finding a new job
  • Professional and proven materials and tools used for career counselling and coaching
  • Creating a selling CV
  • Interview training
  • Personal presentation
  • Process coaching to maintain focus and activity

Individual coaching is available in different programlengths such as; Three (3) months program, six (6) months program, or until new job.

Expected results for the individual

  • Stronger self esteem and confidence
  • Taking responsibility for your personal career
  • Increased self-awareness
  • A more focused career plan with alternative long term options
  • Improved communication skills in marketing yourself to a new potential employer
  • Shorter time to finding the job that you want
  • A positive process with a forward focus
  • Positive attitude to the formal employer- becomes an ambassador

In addition:
1)Stelena provides a wide network and contacts with relevant recruitment agencies.
2)Each person has an opportunity to choose a coach at Stelena.
3)Programme descriptions are provided in Swedish to employees upon request.



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